Sports Cards Breaks Explained

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Sports Cards Breaks 101

Sports card breaks popularity is on the rise, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Collectors around the country are gathering online to enjoy time discussing their passion and discovering unique cards they might have been after for years! 

But, what exactly are sports card breaks, and how do they work? Our team of pro breakers has put together this simple guide to ensure you have all the information you need before joining a break! 

Card Breaks Explained

When an individual or a business purchases an entire box of sports cards in order to offer them for sale to collectors, it is called a card break. Typically, the person who owns the box, also known as the breaker, will sell the cards by teams or players and then schedule a live-streaming event during which the buyers will discover their cards. 

Types of Card Break

There are several types of card breaks; however, some of the most popular ones are: 

Random Team Breaks

Random team breaks are one of the most common types of breaks. The idea behind them is that the buyers will buy a spot at a set price before the streaming event starts. Subsequently, teams will be randomly assigned to each purchaser and then drafted live. 

Pick Your Own Team 

This simple breaking modality consists of purchasing spots for a single, specific team and then receiving all the cards found in the package from that team. 

Razz Breaks

Razz breaks work like a raffle. An amount of spots is sold, and out of that amount, the top 30 slots are raffled and receive a place in the breaks. However, there is a small catch; even though they are a cheaper way to enter a break, there is no guarantee that you will make it!  

How To Get Into A Break

You can typically find card breakers on Facebook groups, YouTube channels, or forums. Joining is simple and allows you to meet new sports card enthusiasts with who to share your passion and spend quality time discovering new breaks!   

Join Us For Top-Quality Sports Cards Breaks!

At SNL Breaks of Derby, CT, we pride ourselves on providing smooth and secure shipping options every time you break with us. Our cards are always penny-sleeved (unless noted differently in the description) and packaged in padded envelopes and cardboard boxes to ensure extra protection.

Joining the SNL Breaks community is simple; request access to our Facebook page and enjoy chatting with like-minded individuals while discovering the best breaks around!